Veteran and his wife thankful for stranger’s generosity


This letter is to thank that anonymous gentleman who paid for the meal for my wife and I, on Friday Dec. 1 at the Yellowstone Truck Stop. Thank you very much for honoring this World War II Army veteran with an honor that meant so much to us both. My memory is still sharp and I want to say that this special meal to me reminds me of one of my battles in April 1945 when my unit was in a horrible artillery and mortar barrage in Mindanao, Philippines, and the supply unit couldn’t get any rations to us for two days. This meal you bought for us on the above date, made up for the two days of hunger we went through before we got short rations.

I would like to know who you are, if you read this letter, so I can thank you personally. 

Many thanks for noticing my World War II hat I was wearing, and for honoring us with this special meal. If you read this, my phone number is 406-222-1274. I would like to meet you personally.

Louis and Donna Armentaro