May the most constitutionally honest candidates win the election


We are closing in on another election cycle and the behavior of many, if not most, of the Democrat legislators at our recent State of the Union Address seemed to indicate they hate President Trump more than they applaud American economic successes during 2017. A recent editorial, “Coping with it all” by someone named Pepper (Feb. 8, page 4) gives us another look at this attitude. The first paragraph includes, “Everything I care about is under attack by the regime in power.....all, all are in danger of being torn to shreds. Trying to keep up with the litany of horrible news is like drinking from a fire hose spewing toxic waste.” The writer included the usual liberal progressive concerns of separation of church and state, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, environmental abuses and, of course, racial justice. And ended with the call for political action to “ our country from its present nightmare.”

I am sorry Pepper is so distraught. Life is good and getting better every month all throughout America. It would be great to be able to talk to him and help him understand all the good that is happening every day, but it really sounds like he just wants to believe he is a victim and wants to be a martyr in some sort of battle. We have a lot of work to do and there are a lot of people, even in good times, that need help and many aren’t yet sharing in the growing prosperity, but a lot of progress is in motion. It looks like GDP national economic growth will reach 5 percent by this June, which will help all of us, no matter our station in life at the moment.

Libertarians and conservatives, like me, are elated American unemployment is at a 45-year low, black and Hispanic unemployment at all-time lows, the recently passed tax reform is already bringing overseas money back, announcements for new manufacturing plants to be built on American soil and bonuses and raises to American workers announced by nearly 300 companies already. I also really like the Trump administration’s repeals of various illegal unconstitutional Obama administration policies such as the Clean Water Rule. A 2015 Government Accountability Office investigation concluded the EPA’s use of Thunderclap (a social media tool) to promote the Clean Water Rule “constitutes covert propaganda” and violated federal law. Obama didn’t stop his EPA from continuing to violate the law, but President Trump is taking care of it now. 

I also appreciate President Trump throwing DACA back in the laps of Congress to finally deal with needed immigration reforms and forcing Congress to deal with Obama’s illegal DACA pronouncement rather than just further compound the problem with illegal pronouncements of his own. I understand liberal progressives really don’t care much about constitutional laws, at least from an originalist interpretation of the constitution vs. a fluid relativist changing view of morality and mores.

Fundamentally, it seems our differences are that liberals want to control the actions of everyone, (i.e. where/when we can pray, where/when we can have guns, and what kind, if at all, payroll rules, land use rules on other people’s private property, carbon emission rules, etc.).  

Conservatives just want everyone to adhere to our laws on the books, respect each other’s constitutional rights and stay out of each other’s business, starting with our 1st Amendment right to prayer and 2nd Amendment right to self defense.

And that is what will make the next election important, as well as fun and interesting. 

The Republican Party is definitely not Tea Party fiscally conservative as I would prefer, but the Democrat Party seems to have moved so far liberal progressive left (Sanders, Warren and Harris socialist left), that we are set up for one side to win and the other to lose pretty big (maybe Hugely?) with this next round. And the two parties are so diametrically opposed in ideology that the concept of electing “middle-of-the-road, reach-across-the-isle” types won’t be in the cards.

May the most constitutionally honest candidates win and continue to help President Trump make America great again!

Larry Stephenson
Paradise Valley