Stacy Jovick putts as Jennifer Volk, Cookie Linsted and Paula Flatt watch in anticipation during the Livingston Ladies “Hawaiian Open” golf tournament at the Livingston Golf Course on Wednesday morning. (Enterprise photo by Hunter D'Antuono)
Hunter D'Antuono
Enterprise Staff Writer

Figures festooned in leis of all shades dotted the Livingston Golf Course greens for the Livingston Ladies “Hawaiian Open,” where 44 women teed off at 9 a.m. Wednesday for their annual golf tournament.  

But this wasn’t the average round of 18 holes. Along the course were a number of “side games” to spice things up, including a kitty pool filled with rubber ducks. Golfers had one shot to chip a ball into the pool. Winners tallied their names on a laminated piece of paper out on the course. Prizes would be awarded later. 

The tournament attracts golfers from Park and surrounding counties and alternates each year between Livingston and Big Timber, for a day of friends and fun. 

“It’s something to do and get out of the house and hang with girlfriends,” said Norene Brown, of Big Timber. “And I get to work on a tan that I’ll never get!” 

All the while, the icy beer cart made its rounds from group to group, ensuring hydration for all participants –– a critical task under the high July sun. 

Peg Jacobsen and Annabelle Winfrey opted to enjoy the tournament from the clubhouse patio, refreshments in hand. 

“We’re guarding the food,” quipped Jacobsen, reaching for her Bloody Mary. “Don’t worry; there’s ice in there.” 

The pair bubbled into laughter. 

“It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!” Winfrey chimed.