If the election for the Park County Commission District 2 race were held today, who would you vote for?

Bill Berg
70% (164 votes)
Tim Henson
8% (19 votes)
Marty Malone
22% (51 votes)
Total votes: 234


Vote for Bill

Park County will greatly benefit from an individual that is forward thinking and can make informed decisions that will improve the life style of residences, the environment and the wildlife that share the land.

I admit bias since I am Bill Berg's wife.  But who better to truly know what he brings to Park County?  Bill doesn't just talk about problems, he finds solutions for them.  As one of the leaders of the Gardiner Gateway Project, he has seen Phase 1 through to fruition--and is continuing his deep involvement in the rest of the project.  If you haven't seen Gardiner's "face-lift" please come down.  Much of the project is critical improvements to the underground infrastructure.  But the above-ground project is beautiful!
As a leader in the Gateway Project Bill has developed relationships with other leaders of numerous county, state and federal agencies.  He can put that network to good use finding solutions to other issues here in Park County.  His dedication and commitment to county issues is tireless.  I should know.  It keeps him up at night.    Colette Daigle-Berg

Wisconsin votes for Bill

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