Foolish Wilderness!

Wilderness! Who needs it!
No motorcycles, no bicycles!
No roads! No harvest
of tree or earth!
The people are locked out!
We may not carve the land
In our own image!
It is left to those fools
who think it is fine to walk,
for God’s sake! Those fools
who cherish wasted wood,
idiots who think that
Natural is Good.
Can’t they see
The land is Public?!
That all uses should be allowed everywhere?
Roads, mines, clear-cuts and thinning,
Snowmobiles and motorcycles
Along with the quiet of God’s Creation!
Multiple use, Balanced Use!
What stupidity Aesthetics,
Beauty, the Sublime
of Wild Places!
Improve the land and Use it!
Wise Civilization shows it can,
you see!
Foolish, elite, hippie environmentalists!
Joseph Scalia III