ENTERPRISE EDITORIAL: You can knock her down but you can’t knock her out

It’s been an unusual and trying week at The Livingston Enterprise.

The staff awoke last Saturday morning to learn that someone had broken into the newspaper and set the paper’s press on fire. Production manager Al Bublitz and the newspaper’s press crew worked tirelessly — with assistance from Livingston electricians and a press repair expert who drove to Livingston all the way from Oklahoma — to get the paper’s baby blue Goss Community press back in action.

The newspaper’s editorial staff, meanwhile, juggled deadlines and assembled the newspaper at The Enterprise and the paper was printed at our sister papers in Lewistown and Miles City.

Not only did the fire damage the press, but the blaze triggered the sprinkler system and water rained down on the machinery, causing a whole other set of repairs that needed to be completed before the press could operate.

At 8:10 p.m. on Tuesday, the crew’s efforts paid off when at least a portion of the press was brought back online.

While the front page of the Monday and Tuesday editions of The Livingston Enterprise were limited to black ink, the newspaper staff was happy to bring full color, soy-based ink back to our readers by Wednesday’s edition.

We received letters and words of support from readers and fellow journalists, and for that we’re thankful.

Livingston resident Frederick Lee Kasten wrote in a Thursday letter to the editor that “in unity and strength we will overcome and make this world a better place for all to live together in peace and in faith, harmony and love.”

How true, Mr. Kasten. 

And with that unity and strength the press is once again fully operational at The Livingston Enterprise, thanks to the efforts of Bublitz, the press crew, Tech Electric of Livingston and the Newspaper Production and Research Center of Oklahoma City.

As Livingston Enterprise press room employee Hillary Blaseg posted on her Facebook page Tuesday evening with a video clip of the press running, “You can knock her down but you can’t knock her out.”

— Justin Post
Enterprise Managing Editor