ENTERPRISE EDITORIAL: Volunteers, city staff to be commended for pool effort

Slashed tires, motor oil dumped in the city pool and a number of other random acts of senseless property damage have gripped the city’s psyche over the last week.

With any luck, police will nab those responsible for the destruction and Livingston property owners will have some recourse to repair and replace what’s been damaged.

Police are reviewing surveillance video and may soon have further details about who is responsible for the crimes.

But enough about the bad actors who have recently plagued the city’s southwest side. 

One common criticism of newspapers is that those of us in the business focus too much on “the negative” so let’s now shine some light on one positive angle of this recent rash of delinquency.

When employees of the city pool arrived to work on Friday morning, they quickly realized that vandals had paid an unwelcome overnight visit. 

City employees determined that someone dumped motor oil into the pool water and dumped a $3,000 pool vacuum and other items into the water. The city’s recreation department closed the pool, likely to the disappointment of Livingston youth enjoying summer vacation and hoping to seek solace from the July summer sun.

But poolgoers weren’t long in their wait to enjoy the cool, refreshing waters of our public pool. That’s because city staff and volunteers sprang into action, draining the pool and working to clean up the mess. People brought the workers food and water as word of their efforts spread on social media.

By Saturday, the city reopened the pool on a limited basis.

“They looked at the problem to decide what would be the easiest or quickest solution,” City Manager Mike Kardoes told Livingston Enterprise reporter Liz Kearney.

Kudos to Kardoes, the city’s recreation department and the volunteers who pulled together to reopen the pool in short order.

Their effort is perhaps the one bright spot in the recent rash of vandalism. 

— Justin Post
Enterprise Managing Editor