Collette Marie Myers Teslow Vorell

Collette Marie Myers Teslow Vorell, age 90, passed away early Wednesday morning, Jan. 31, 2018. She was born in Bismarck, North Dakota to Ursula and Robert Myers on Dec. 27, 1927. Her Dad was a railroad man and they settled in Muir, Montana, which was located at the bottom of the Bozeman Pass on the Livingston side. She and her brother, Maynard told great stories of traveling through the tunnel with their Dad and weekly hiking to the top of the pass, with their nickel to buy candy at the store, restaurant and lounge)at the top of the hill.

Both Collette and Maynard boarded during the week with families in Livingston while attending grade school. The Myers family moved to Bozeman where they attended Bozeman Senior High School. After graduation, Collette worked at Chambers Fishers in the cosmetic department. One day her boss asked her if she was willing to run for Miss Rodeo Montana. Although she had never ridden a horse before, she won. At the time she was in a relationship with Dick Teslow of Teslow Grain Elevators. Collette was offered an all expense free trip to Florida to complete in the National Miss Rodeo Event. She told Dick that he better give a her a darn good reason for not going and they were married on Nov. 23, 1947.

Together they built up Teslow Grain Elevators with Grampa Teslow and Corey Dogertom. They lived in a lovely home in Bozeman where they raised four children. She gave birth to three sons and finally got her daughter on the fourth try. A strong memory was of her running through the house with spatula to a give a miscreant a loving swat on the butt.

Collette was an avid player of cards. She loved bridge and would take on anyone in a savage game of cribbage. She and Dick would spend many a fun weekend going to antique auctions throughout Montana. She was a master knitter who made amazing sweaters and afghans for all the family. She always put others before her own concerns. She never once complained or told her kids how to run their lives. In later life, she traveled the world, by herself, through guided tours, going to countries like Russia and China. Collette was lucky to find a second love of her life and married Frank Vorell on March 2, 1984 in Bozeman. They had a wonderful time together spoiling each other and their grandkids.

Collette was preceded in death by her husband, Dick Teslow; husband Frank Vorell; son, Jim Teslow and his wife Jeannie. She is survived by her sons Mikkel Teslow (Sue) of Texas, Steve Teslow (Sue) of Oregon and Marie Stevenson (Rich) of Montana; plus grandchildren Richard, Stephanie, Jimmy, Collette, Rae and Kelly; and great-grandchildren Dahlia, Anders, Liam, Lilly, Noah, Luella and Paxson.

Martha Drysdale was a forever friend of over 70 years and shared in all the highs and lows in Collette’s life. Thank you, Martha.

There are no services planned at this time. Her remains will be interned in early summer when family will gather. Mom you are loved and missed. Rest well.

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