Arlene (Blakeley) Marshall

Our beautiful mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt and friend Arlene (Blakeley) Marshall, 65, passed away peacefully on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017 at the Deer Lodge Medical Center in Deer Lodge. It was a crisp, sunny winter day when her suffering ended. She was surrounded by her loving mother, Doris; son Michael; and daughter Jenni as they comforted her with loving words and held her hands until she took her last breath. There was no signs of struggle or pain when she crossed over — only tranquility and peace. Her last words that morning were, “I love you.”

Arlene suffered from countless illnesses and struggles over the past several years. Recently she was diagnosed with lung cancer on Sept. 14. Only three months later, Arlene would succumb to the disease physically, but she never gave up mentally. She never let her illnesses stand in the way of living the best life that she could. Arlene had many admirable qualities, but her persistence, optimism, confidence, tenacity and hope rose her above the rest. When others would have quit, she found the strength to continue despite her circumstances. As hard as it was to watch her life end, the family has found solace in knowing that her pain and struggles have ended. Arlene will always be remembered as a kind and loving person that we will miss dearly.

The ones that have gone before her are: Jack (John Perry) Blakeley (her father); Jake (John K) Blakeley (brother); Fred Marshall (husband); Ethan Blakeley (grandson); Minnie and Ahti Hanni (maternal grandparents); Carolyn and Perry Blakeley (paternal grandparents); Martha and Peter B Gardetto (maternal great-grandparents); and Mary and Abraham Hanni (paternal great-grandparents).

The ones Arlene left behind are: Doris Blakeley (mother); Michael (Michelle) Blakeley; Jenni Marshall of Livingston; grandchildren: Dylan Keith, Hallie Blakeley, Jaiden Meagher-Marshall, Wyatt Blakeley and Luscienne Homer; her siblings: Donna (Bill) Beierle, Jim (Sharon) Blakeley, Pete (Mary Rose) Blakeley and Zeke (Trish) Blakeley; nieces: Mindy (AJ) Collins and Michelle (Lee) Garrett; and nephews: Vince (Heather) Shelton, Darren (Kym) Shelton, Josh (Vickie) Blakeley, Perry Blakeley and Steven Blakeley.

Arlene despised funerals. Therefore, the family has decided to honor her with a celebration of life ceremony at 2 p.m. on  Friday, Dec. 22, 2017 at the Elks Lodge in Deer Lodge. Bring any stories or toasts you would like to make in honor of Arlene.

In lieu of flowers, the family has set up a college fund for her grandchildren. You can make donations under Arlene Marshall at the Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan in Deer Lodge. Arlene wanted her grandchildren to attend college and succeed in whichever path they decided on.